The Most Influential Korean Musician You Aren’t Familiar With Is Kang Jin

A number of years ago, when we thought of art in video games, the first thing that came to mind was world-building. The so-called “open world” gaming genre has been around for quite some time, but games like Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, and Far Cry served to popularize the idea by expanding its breadth and bringing it to a wider audience. Although the majority of these studios are located in the United States, you should be aware that a number of the industry’s most talented artists hail from Korea. Open world games quickly rose to prominence as the most popular type of video game, with enormous and intricate settings being essential to their commercial success.

This is still true to some extent in the modern day, but not long after games began to explode in size, they began to take on a more personal feel, which was quite unexpected. The most obvious manifestation of this trend may be seen in VR, which places a premium on interactions that are as lifelike as possible. You can find games like Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul and Star Trek: Bridge Crew if you take the time to browse through some of the best virtual reality (VR) games that are currently available for high-end equipment. These games rely heavily on up-close interactions with people who appear to be real. The games still contain locations that are very detailed and rich in content, but the characters are truly what give the games their sense of realism.

But realism isn’t necessarily the most important factor, either. There are instances when the characters are what fundamentally make up the game, and this can be true for thematic material as well as immersion. The most glaring instances can be seen in virtual worlds, like online casinos such as, which feature card and slot games designed to compete with traditional land-based gambling. One of the most prominent producers, NetEnt, is responsible for the creation of a variety of gaming experiences that are primarily centered on characters. The questing conquistador “Gonzo” in the Gonzo’s Quest slot machine is just one example of the prevalence of animated characters in this genre. Other examples include an interpretation of Dracula and other heroes and monsters from popular fiction. They, more so than the games’ environments, are what give games their distinct sense of atmosphere.

To sum it all up, what this means is that the development of gaming characters has reached the same level of significance as the creation of new worlds and settings. And this is where excellent Korean fashion designer Kang Jin comes into play; nonetheless, he is relatively unknown outside of his home country.

Given the close relationships that exist between Korea and the gaming industry, it should not come as a surprise that many Korean artists have contributed their talents to well-known video games. Graphic artists from Korea are highly regarded all around the world for the quality of their work. However, every once in a while there will be a concept artist who will come along and develop characters who are so vivid and original that they will almost certainly have an impact on the business. This is the situation with Kang Jin, who recently had an essay published that featured some of his finest work.

If you look through all of those options, you’ll find visuals that bring to mind a great many new video games that have come out in the time since the essay was published. Kang Jin designed mountain explorers in the style of open world fighters and guilds of knights that would be at home in any massively multiplayer online game (MMO). He has painted hyper-realistic spacemen that are even more amazing than the virtual reality figures in the game Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which was previously noted. He has drawn some absolutely gorgeous fantasy ladies and some dashing fantasy men. One of Jin’s characters, who might be the most striking of them all, has the appearance of a space pilot modeled after Benjamin Franklin!

According to what was stated in the article, it is possible that you have never even heard of some of the games that Kang Jin has worked on during the course of his career. Despite the fact that his artwork is exceptional, major gaming companies have not included him yet (though he now works for prolific online developer Neowiz). When looking at his samples, it is difficult not to recognize his fingerprints in a significant portion of the design of modern video games. However, this does not imply that he has ever been directly imitated or stolen from in any way. When it comes to some aspects of character design, Kang Jin was years ahead of his time. These aspects help identify games in the same way that open worlds do. Kang Jin is an outstanding illustration of the impact that Korean professionals are making in the world of art, despite the fact that he is the sole artist now making waves in the video slots bonuses found on many of the UK’s top slots sites.